Thursday, May 28, 2015

Through It All

Here's a song entitled through it all.  Through it all, we are held, we are watched, we are loved.

Adleigh Joy

Here's a song I wrote for my unborn daughter.  Adleigh, I hope your life is full of joy and laughter.  I hope you live a deep, rich and meaningful life, and I want to be there to catch any tears you may cry.


Here's a song I've written entitled surrender. Life is a surrender to something bigger, a falling into a deeper love. We need not work for it, only accept it. It's waiting for us, in a way we never thought, in a way that knows us personally and delights in us.

Monday, May 18, 2015

On the other side of suffering

On the other side of suffering, lies a great joy.  This joy cannot be silenced, it calls out from the roof tops, from the mountains, it is deeper than the seas, more expansive than the heaves.  Nothing can stop this joy, it pours, it calls, it ripens, it deepens, it makes more rich.  The call is for you, is for me, it all points to the hopeful future we are all called to.  To when our pain gives way to comfort, to when our mental gymnastics give way to peace, to where our home lies, beyond the silver planes, beyond the doubts of fortitude, beyond the highways and interstates we may find ourselves strewn across.  The hope rises above the mountains, makes its way into the babies' hearts, is found where unexpected, is present even when we don't seek it.

In humility, holy Father, help me to accept your love.  Help me to see that you see me through eyes of love, through eyes of peace, through eyes of grace.  Be my only goal, my hearts song, let praise flow from me.  Lift me from the dark night, let my mind finally rest.  Help me to not fight myself anymore, let me find rest from my struggles.  You see them, you know them, have them.  Help my life to be filled with your passion, help me to see each day as gift.  Help me to not fear your embrace.  Clean me from the inside out, let my body and heart and mind finally work together.  Help my present, future and past finally work together.  Let me not be at enmity with myself, with others.  Help your presence to be my story, let it so fill my life that I desire nothing else.  Be to me my all, my love, my hope.  I seek you in my desperation, in my hope, in my confusion, in my tightness, with my gloom.  Be near to me, nearer than my own heart, nearer than my songs, nearer than my prayers.  Be before jobs, fear, complacency, bitterness, let no bitter root grow up in me.  Help me to see me how you do, to see others how you do, to love you Jesus.  Have this struggle, my sexuality, my vision, my grief and sadness.  Have mercy on me a sinner, have mercy on me a sinner.  Be welcome in my heart, be welcome in my present.  I cast all my worries upon you, I cast all my fear to you, I cast all my apprehension to you, I call upon you, help me to seek you today, tomorrow, forever.