Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Liberated and Grounded

Shine on, let it be pure. Let it be more than gold, more than precious silver. Hold on to nothing else, only the one thing. Let it put all in right place, in right relationship. There is nothing else, there is no one else. This is not a grim thing, it is a bold peace, a peace that resonates at the deepest core, echoes throughout all time and eternity, to bring all things together, do that we can all draw from one source. A return to simplicity is not a return to boredom, not to tragedy. It is a return home. It is a joining with the essence of that which is, the ground of being, love. Love was first, is first, can never be overrun, and speaks a good word throughout all of everything imaginable and beyond. It is by this we were made, it is for this we were made. So a return to simplicity is a return to our souls home, where we are both liberated and grounded at the same time. The echoes of love are of old, yet ever new, are farther back than we can go, and go deeper into the future than we can grasp. It combines time with mystery, goes beyond linear, beyond reason. It holds with it the key to happiness, but does not stop there, it takes the heart deep into joy, where joy is for joy's sake, and leads to ever increasing joy. In the eternal love our soul finds rest, the dreariness washes away, depression cannot stay, anxiety is gone. Our mental health is matched by the joy in our soul, our heart and mind draw from the same source, nothing more is fragmented, illusion, all that takes us from the Eternal One, is less than a dream, as if we never new such things. In THE eternal grasp we are both LIBERATED and GROUNDED.