Saturday, April 9, 2016

New and Yet of Old

It's ever new, baptizing generation after generation. Yet it is of old, holding waters before the beginning of time. It is both here and there at once. Calling us to remember, and also to surrender to the present tense as well. It's artistry is unrivaled, and yet all other art bears witness to it. The creative source, the creative energy, flows, like a waterfall of millions of gallons of spring water over every wall that encapsulates us. It's not something we must muster up, on succumb to. It can unleash the gift inside of us all, the creative process of which we are all a part. In the dawning of a new era, we will recognize more and more the true gift we are. We will not let our fire be squelched, we will not let our light be made null, we will not be fragmented. The One that is of old, yet entirely new, will life us from our ashes, we will rise, as the phoenix,until we meet our Creator face to face. And in this light, we will be forever set free. You are my brother, you are my sister.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

free from the oppression

Oppression was never the goal.  We took it and ran with it.  We are meant for freedom, freedom of concousness, freedom of thought, freedom of being.  The more we press in, the harder we push, the further we become.  Freedom is found in surrender.  It's not a believe something foreign to me, not a become something I am not, it is an awakening to what I already am, to what I really am.  If I can embrace the simplicity of a ground of being that is inherently good, then I can search the depths and soar the heights, because I know my home.  

It is for freedom that he has set us free.  Freedom leading to ever increasing freedom, throughout eternity.  To be fully alive, and yet drawn into ever increasing life.  Paradox.  Finally home, yet home is still teaching, still giving, still creating, still inviting.  

In this light, it's not these and those, this and that.  No.  We are all of a common source, a return to origin for the self is also a return to origin for my thoughts of others, that it was from the same origin we came, we all bear the mark.  The eternal seeks to build bridges between this immutable beauty in me and you, that it can be a beauty together.  This voice, that unites, is and was from the beginning, and is the truest voice.  All else is but shadow and fragment.  

Let your mercy, your justice, your grace, you care for those hurting, roll out from you to where we are.  Teach us to accept it, embrace it, and to dance with you.