Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A new tomorrow

A new tomorrow.  To wake up to a new day.  Let the sighs pass.  Judgement, this is not your day.  I do not want to succumb to you.  Alive.  I long to be.  A new day dawning over the bright horizons of the soul.  A shimmering in the midst of confusion, comfort in the midst of dissidence.  I am not only my thoughts, they shall not reign over me.  To trust, to see the beauty in life.  To learn to see from love lenses.  The beauty is there.  I want to look for it, to fall on it, to breathe it in and be breathed in by it all at once.  All at once, my worry faded.  I felt loved.

My forlorn face fell drooping down to the swaggering ground.  The same ground that tried to drop out from underneath me.  But I was caught.  And held.  All is right.  All is ok.

Yet I know there is suffering.  My daily fight for happiness might be someone else's fight for survival.  My fight for fulfillment might be someone else's fight for food for their child.  All of us are in this together.

Yet there is a new day, over the bleak transition from day to night there reigns a truth speaking to and from the galaxies past.  It shouts, "I love you.  Hold on."  And then again, "I love you."  We are all connected, breathed out.  Let us return to the one from whose breath we originate.  We all have the same source.

Forgive my sin Christ, have mercy on my a sinner.  Forgive where I divide.  Forgive where I seek to be one up, where I try and squelch the flames of other so that mine can be seen.  Forgive my fearful spirit, the amount of times daily that don't act from the true self.  Have mercy on me God, a sinner.