Sunday, May 22, 2016

All Becoming One

All that was, all that is, flowing freely, without hinderance, guided, not blind, but not totally seeing either.

We put on our clothes, greed already speaking it's woes.  It shall not have the last laugh.  My poetry hopes to be part of a bigger motion.  The money bought me this guitar, but it isn't what makes it ring. Laughing.  Hard lines.  There must be something bigger than this.

Will my discombobulated words ever affect someone?  It matters not, I must keep writing.  I must drain my sorrows onto the pages of mystery so that mystery can overcome me and so that I don't die in my anger.  My anger, companion of mine, often showing yourself as resentment, ofter bitterness, ofter cynicism.  No!  But somehow No! isn't wisdom either.

Wash off of me, I must find the river, it is imperative, I must see the ocean, I must touch and taste.  My eyes desire to see, I don't want hearsay, I don't want second hand.  If life exists, if there is more than what I currently know, I want to experience it.

But when given joy, I fear.  I sometimes take a good gift, and twist it into guilt and despair.  My woeful ways.  Who will save me from this body of death.

----Rain down, forever let your light shine.  Explode through all time and space and eternity so that from the Milky Way throughout the universe we all may just even catch just a part.  And in that part, we will be satisfied.  It will be our contentment, our peace.  Saying, I am related to you, me to you.  We have a similar Origin.

So grow in complexity, grow in depth, find the joy in both building and being reduced to the particles that we've come from.  Joy.  In all motion and movement, because the One who created is joyous, and he is seeking partners.  His dance is an inclusive one. Therefore, I don't need to categorize or polarize, I need not condemn.  I can simply be open to the moment.

Sleep in peace my dear friends.  We have a good Father.  The Father of time and eternity, is kind to your soul, is kind to your body, is kind to the earth, the animals.  Cares for the deepest desires and wounds of your heart.

Arise!  The time is now.  Do not wait, I've waited long enough.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

When Feeling It

He Alone, yet he shares.  He is a gracious giver.  Uniting all, untying all.  Connecting all with all that was and will be.  
"Don't be afraid."

Him alone, yet he lavishes.  Spreads wide, wills that we take up and dance, take up with our uncanny ability towards recompense, and dance with Him.  We must leave the ground.  We must alleviate our internal desire towards the whole.  We cannot feel without it, and we need to feel.  Our bodies are not to be hated.

"Don't be afraid."

Sungha plays in the the background, sharing the atoms with the musicians over time, adding his piece.  Play passionately Sungha, play with all your heart, and somehow then, your music will be both yours and His.  

"Don't be afraid."

I need not fame.  Not prestige.  No more degrees, not another initial after my name.  Lord, please help me just to dance, with you.  I long for you presence, in my longing, come into me, let us dance like we were meant to, the way you set it up.  

"Don't be afraid."

Take your spot among the saints and sinners, we are all here.  We are all good.  We all belong. Whether your home is in a steal jail, or in the clouds lingering above, let you foot touch the ground, then your leg to find the rhythm, then for the body to follow closely behind, until time and eternity carry us off into the great distance.  Here there is no steal and cloud, no dualism, no split between mind and body, between what is in and out.  Here, as R & R says, "Everything Belongs."


The rhythm flows to and fro, inspiring movements of joy.  Movements of happiness calling into the depths of our souls.  Inviting the true self to flourish, to dance with the Partner.

We need not fear, the dance hall is big enough for us all.  We are all invited.  The parables lead to reality.  What was spoken in riddles will become reality.  It floods the air we breathe,  it captivates the darkness in my heart, "You need not hide, the light only looks scary....the reality of it is....beautiful."

So put on your best pair of sneaks.  Or go shoeless, it matters not.  Flashy, or just bobbing in the corner, we all belong.  Everything belongs.  Jam.  Recite.  Yell.  Whisper.  Repeat.

The dance hall whirls to and fro, until the wind make a tornado, carrying us all into the next chapter of reality, the endless unfolding of this dance.  Dance with me.  Let's make a memory.  Let them build until we have a city, then let us find the city in the State, along with many others.  We can learn to dance from them, them from us.

And so the dance unfolds, and unfolds, and unfolds.  Mercy, within mercy, within mercy.


Dance with Me

He walks, through many doors.  Does he know where he is going?  Does the destination matter, or is it simply in the journey?  Will he find out?  Or will finding find him?

To recompense for all I've done, to pour my heart out and have it held.  Let my being mean one thing, the One thing beyond me.  In this way I'll never truly land, but I'll be free.

To be true, in my atoms and quarks, to the very essence, the very fabric of reality.  I need not try hard, I need simply be.  For all that is, was.  All that was, will be.  And it is a resounding good.

Wisdom shouts from roof tops, it's in the inner rooms, it speaks to and in our human hearts.  Is it stronger there than here?  Is it more prevalent yonder than in the present?  Again, I need not go about my way seeking it.  It is here.  I need simply to awake to it, and to do so over and over.  For all of eternity.

This is truly good news.  All I want, I possess in part.  The poet, the philosopher, the discourse, the justification, all flow from the center.  The Center, which unites, which holds all in perfect harmony.  Be my inspiration, be curious.

My joy, is in the motion, is in the too and frow, growing from each encounter, gathering from the East and West, but never depleting, always from infinite storehouses, always enough.  Enough, yet taken deeper in, so that love is known to every part of me, and then, taken still deeper in.

This is the eternal dance, sung by the One, invited to us all, "Come, dance with me!"

Saturday, May 7, 2016

This, then That

It flows in and out, I cannot control it.  It eludes me.  Think I have it cornered, have the jump on it, then it veers, doges, jumps, squirms.  Gone.  Once, I thought I had the secret, I heard it from without, took it within, ran with the whole of it.  Thought I was making ground, thought I had gained a foothold, ran and raced.  Shipwrecked.  Gone.  I saw my plight as just a game, thought through, but in endless circles, in the dark.  April 1st, 06, was on a run, turned into a rampage.  I mustered up my best intent, dressed for the occasion, shined up my shoes, turned in my sin, saw the golden shrine and ran for it.  The math made sense, it all added up.  The deductions were true.  It looked good, at first.  The journey started with a boom, but then a weight came out of nowhere.  Started to nag at my soul.  Quietly at first.  Then emeshed into my consciousness, only to become all the more weightier.  Then sank in the frightening thought that despite my best intent, I may have been running on my own.  A valiant effort, but misaimed, but uninformed, but ultimately from me, again.  The ground I was trying to make up was only sinking sand.

Who will save me from this body of death.  I'm tossed back and forth with the waves, try to hard to not try hard.  A hard realization.  My mind working again.  I've paid too much attention to the fixing, too much attention to the endless tweaking, the fidgeting.  The harder I try, the deeper I go.

This time, I demand something new.  It seems my introspection has failed me.  This time I look to the light coming through the cracks of the door.  What might be out there I wonder, but the light seeping through the cracks seems to be enough for now.  Its nature is different.  It doesn't shift this way and that, even in subtle ways.  It seems steady.  Slower.  It's subtle nature intrigues me.  Odd, I think.  Without my awareness, my mind slows ever so slowly to match the pace of the odd light.  The anxiety in my body seems to fall from the front of my mind, seeps down into my body, and some seems to seep even all the way out of my feet.  Slowly, my awareness catches up with phenomenon, I realize my body and mind have slowed.  That they are more in tune with each other, and in some way in tune with the light coming through the cracks in the door. The light, has it grown brighter?  Or stronger?  My awareness goes off of me and back to the light.  I swear there is more light now.  Have the cracks grown?  Has the source of light on the other side of the door grown brighter?  But the questions don't seem to matter, what matters is the mesmerization.  It feels good to just give way. It feels to just succeed to it.  My awareness doesn't fight for first place, it finally comes to rest.

My heart is liberated and yet home.  The endless introspection kept me from the light, however the light has caused productive introspection in its wake, but this time guided by the light.  The darkness becomes less and less scary to me, further and further from me.  I'm not sure what the future holds, all I know is that I must continue to give way to the light, which I will call love, and let it take me deeper and deeper into its endless mystery.  I get the sense that I'll never fully land, but this becomes a joy.  Why would I want to land when there is endless mystery to comb out?  And this sense will soon become just a memory too, part of the journey deeper into love.

Father, open my eyes to receive from you.
Father, let me heart be in your love.
Father, never let me be separate from you.
Father, help me to fall in love with you over and over.
Father, may I treat people here with some of the love that you have treated me with.
Father, let me be intimate with you.
Father, speak into the deepest parts of who I am.
Father, with the ground of my being, where I start, let me say to you a resounding "yes."

Always "yes."