Sunday, January 14, 2018

Expanding LIfe

Say matter started with a word, or a deed.  The word is intimately connected with what it created.  It's a river rushing, a brook bubbling until flood.  It's an ocean deep.  It an expanse of the sky long.  It's eternally wide.  An energy of grace, and yet found in the silence.  Gentle in heart.  Mindful of the oppressed.  Seeking to join all together, and than to expand all into itself.  Into the arms of love, so that it can be both the propelling force and the destination.  To bring all into itself, so that all can feel its fullness.  And for a moment, time and space don't matter, and all is ok.

Emanuel of Time and Space

The love grows in our hearts.  It overwhelms the physicality of us, it overwhelms the senses.  Until it is the reality.  We are all born of love.  It has been our purpose.  It joins, sings a song over time and space and generations and galaxies.

He is with us.  We have hope.  We will not be left.  We are pursued more than we pursue anything, more than we pursue ourselves.  Love opens the door.  He is for us more than we can be for ourselves or anything.

Schisms.  Nope.  Division.  Na.  Degradation.  No.

Love.  Yes.  Compassion.  Yep.  Joining.  Ya.

The heart that started it all is still beating.  It the rhythm of the universe.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Free Fall

Everything is flowing.  There is an energy moving to, from and through everything.  We can fight the flow, but only to frustrate.  We must remain open.  We must have a beginners mind.  We must submit to the flow.  

I try and force the issue.  I impose my will upon reality, only to become frustrated.  I didn't work last time.  But maybe it will this time!  Maybe this is the silver bullet, the magic wand that will give me everything I've dreamed of!  

In me fights both darkness and light.  My job becomes to submit more and more to the light.  But let me never think the darkness isn't there.  Not to degrade myself, but to realize I need grace.  To hold everything with open hands, so that I don't plant where won't grow.  So that I never put down my post on the wrong property, or to let the acre become a forest to become a world to become a galaxy to become a universe to become reality.  But I must not put down my post before the fullness of things, and me being finite will never fully realize the fullness of the infinite.  

Therefore let me free fall.  With increasing speed.  With increasing depth and clarity.  Let me touch eternity to realize eternity will always be untouchable, a calling into forever.  

Back to where it ends

This holy experience, choosing to be hear and......

Let the guitar flow with punch and power.  Let the vocals sing sweet melodies in power and melody. Let the bass be true.  Drum away and play the instrument of your finding.

This chance to be, alive and breathing.....

Instrumental.  Changing clips and frames.  Galloping and gracefully swaying back and forth, in and out, to and fro.  Streaming, staccato, yelling, calling.

Embrace this moment, remember....

The beauty in the quite.  Beats need rest.  The composition needs silence.  The reflection.  Space.  Pause.  The chance for new ideas to give birth.  The contemplation.  In the cool of  the night air, in warmth of the rising sun, in the gentle sway of the dandelion.  Some how, some how, to reach a peace.  A peace that is true, that is developed in a consciousness beyond it's own conception.

A peace.  To finally come to fruition.  A peace.  That finally covers all.  A peace.  That is applicable toward all circumstances.

The loud must give way to the peace.  We need your messages, but in the stillness they find their worth.  And so we sing, and so rest, until, finally, we need not the polarity, until the coming and going both merge into the energy of love.

And love is.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Laughter drinks em dry

I took things so seriously.  Everything was of the upmost import.  Duty.  Honor.  Stale buildings, grey skies.  The dear and antelope became just animals.  The mathematical equation I used to scale things up now has been my template for every situation, my processing tool to the death of creativity.

Laugh Aaron, laugh.  It's ok.  There is One who cares before the foundation of the world, whose care will continue after I'm dead.  It's held.  Don't take burdens that were never yours to carry.  Love exists, it's the strongest force.  The beginning is good, it's going to a good place.  Laugh, be merry, let joy do its work.

But I worry.  I fear.  I shake, I get nervous.  Will my shoulders shoulder the day?  Will I be able to maintain?  Should I expect good or bad from the day?

Laugh Aaron, laugh.  It's ok.  Goodness has already been, is, and will be.  Don't take yourself too seriously, don't contribute to your own death.  Life was, is, and will be.  Give way to the cosmic dance.  Don't fight the nature of things.  Life and death shall happen, don't fear them.  Just dance.  There is one who holds all, and he is good.  His goodness is the lifeblood of all that ever has been and will be.  Trust, and...Laugh.

A light

A light dawns across the sky, inviting all, loving all.  The aurora borealis of time and history floods the dawns sky until we all see, until we all believe, until we all have hope, until we are all flooded with life.  A light that once flickered in the corner of our hearts is now fully realized in the sky, enveloping all, engulfing all, filling all.  Once we were alone, now we are found.

The light shines through time and space, through stars and galaxies, on the scale of the universe, one the scale of atoms.  From above, from beneath, it falls down, it wells up.

What has been given birth?  The hope of the nations.  The fulfillment of time and eternity.  A well of life giving water that runs deeper than blood, deeper the the deepest ocean.  Carrying with it all the love the universe has ever known, carrying on its back, giving birth to more love in its wake.  Calling forth love from behind and before.  Uniting us to our hearts and minds, joining the dispersed parts of ourselves, calling all, scooping us from our darkness, holding us, instilling in us creative life, and life yet to be realized.

The stars are honored to be passed by, the reflect the beauty.  The come to life with dance and song, joining the chorus.

The light that was once in our dreams, a distant hope in the unconscious, a fresh idea that at times found us in our lives, now has become reality.  The truest reality.  The ground of being.  Before and beyond.

It's come to life, the one yearning to hold us ever since we gave our first breath.  Who knew us in the womb.  Who called being to being.  The clouds are swirled up in the motion.  The mountains eager expectation is realized.  The youth feel understood and the elders that their lives had meaning.  The Alpha and Omega soaring across the skies of the universe, enlivening all.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Letting go

Help me to let go of all.  This plan.  That plan.  Swaying this way.  Swaying that way.  Running with this idea.  Running with that idea.  Help me to finally surrender.  I try and know what's best for me, but what is best for me is you.  Maybe I have my pockets and nooks and crannies that I try and keep for myself.  Fill them all with you.  I assert my independence when what I need is dependence on you.

Better than any thought.  Better than any plan.  Beyond any dream.  Relevant to this time and age.  My scheming.  My planning.  My bitterness.  My grudges.  My coming up short.  My comforts.  All the things I do to be apart from you, to assert my independence, to try and be different, to try and be unique, to try and be on my own.

Swallow it up in your grace.  However many times I've asserted myself instead of trusting you, forgive me.  Let the present and future be different.  Wash me white as snow.  Forgive my sin.

I waver.  I teater.  I wonder.  I fear. 

I am certainly in need.


Your grace.

Take me over.  Wash me in you joy.  Take apart my world and build it how you desire.  Sit alone on the throne of my heart, of my mind, of my being.  Be my everything, my morning, my day, my evening.  The Alpha, the Omega.  Be more real to me than the couch I sit on.  Envelope me in mercy, compassion.  Be my song.

My only.