Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Flow through me, be my companion.  Touch every part of my mind.  Reach into the deep recesses of my soul and unconsciousness, and put into them your light.  Illuminate my darkness, so that I may be healed.  Swirl in the air, resound from the Ground of Being.  Come in, be in my breath, flow through my limbs.  Let all succumb to you.  Let my inner child be at home in you, and then rocket though all my years until I'm completely swallowed up by you.

Sing from the highest height.  Bubble up from the deepest sea.  Be on the wind.  Make yourself known from between the stillness.  Be through the music of the ages, make all things new.  Heal us.  Let us be home.

Bring into the light the shadow in my soul.  That I may know true peace.  That my joy may overflow. To be a part of the Whole.  To know Reality as good.  To not fear my own skin, or my own death, but to see it as a transition into new life, into a new birth.

Let my mind find rest.  Ease my fear.  Speak into me the Truth that is beyond my words.

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